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Girl’s issues, feelings and passion for work is described in a fascinating way by Rachel Hollis in her series that is becoming popular not among the girls only but among men too. The situation that the girls of the modern era face really tears her apart most of the time.

Rachel is of the view that the girls have the passion and the potential to rise but it is the negativity around her that stops her from climbing up the ladder. Girl, Stop Apologizing  and Girl, Wash Your Face too join the two main girls with business and then talks about the problem that they face in their personal and professional life.

This one is an entirely new thing because the novel stresses on the personal life and the life that Miko spends dreaming about the characters in the novels that she reads. Miko has remained in the world on the pages since her early youth and she knows everything about love but the only issue is that she does not possess a real world experience. She has remained in the shackles for so long that she has several fear related to the real world experience. But the day she saw Liam Ashton she knew that it was love at first sight and now it was time for her to bring her novel experience to the real world.

This novel touches the inner psyche of the girls who remain in the books most of the time and are usually afraid of the real world experience. Rachel uses a new style in narration so that we can experience the dream world of a young girl.

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