Smoke and Summons

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Smoke and Summons: (Numina, Book 1)

Smoke and Summons is a fantastic new novel, which is ideally intended for teens and preteens. The novel is written by Charlie N. Holmberg, who already has quite a few novels under his name. Some good other novels that the author have written are: The Will and the Wilds and Followed by Frost.

The narration of this novel is jointly done by Scott Merriman and Lauren Ezzo. As per the response of the performances, audience really find it very enjoyable.

Smoke and summons is part 1 of a brand new series by the author, which is titled as Numina Series. In this novel, Sandis is known to live no ordinary life at all, being a human vessel for some ancient spirit. At the order of her master, Sandis can be fully transformed as per her will to become his weapon.  Unlike other vessels there, she can go on to host some really powerful and resourceful spirits, but doing such a thing by any vessel could be fatal. In order to stay alive, Sandis must run. She finds a very surprising support ad also in that city, which is fueled with corruption and smoke.


Rone comes to the scene who is a very cunning and sharp thief for hire. He owns a very mysterious device, which gives him immorality for a single minute every 24 hours. This very unique and useful perk would come in handy for the fight for freedom of Sandis. But the master of Sandis knows that how powerful she is. He is looking to return back and he has got the power to find her, no matter, how far she run away.

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