Once Upon a Haunted Moor Audiobook

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A terrific mystery of a kidnapped child is created by Harper Fox who has dished it up with certain horrors like the Bodmin beast and also certain forbidden sexual relations. This book is the first one in the series of Tyack and Frayne and is a nice start to the series since the story is quite appealing to the mind. Gideon Frayne a policeman serious about his job and wants to prove many things related to his skills fails to do so when he gets a helper in his first missing child case. Lee Tyack the psychic and the new assistant of Frayne suddenly gives the story a new dimension as the newcomer or the new partner arouse sexuality in Frayne that he has kept in encaged since his first love left him for good.

Thus the story becomes to move on both personal and interpersonal level. Lee proves to be someone who could not be hated at any rate the very presence attracts Frayne and then those dazzling green eyes change his psyche forever about a relation, a relation which he thought he would never have in this life anymore. The myth of the Bodmin beast also continues to haunt the main characters as the story proceeds further Gideon Frayne starts thinking that the legend appears to be true to him as he starts to feel the madness of the beats near him when the Halloween night approaches in the moorland.
The climax is nicely portrayed as our hero has to save the missing child which is better for his career but at the same time, he has to save the newly created relation too. Tim Gilbert’s narration was up to the mark as the story needed a person who can convey inner feelings of the characters in narration and this thing is almost done accurately by Tim Gilbert.
Other books that the author has written and would be good reads for the readers are Tinsel Fish, Don’t Let Go and Kitto.


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