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A. Salvatore is an amazing and fully equipped writer, when it comes to producing the top of the line novels. Sojourn is a prime example of all his skills and abilities and you will love it to the maximum. Sojourn is part 3 of the Legend of Drizzt novel series, which is overall a great success attributed with the writer. Victor Bevine has done the narration of the book in his epic conversational and expressive style. The book is based on fantasy science fiction genre.

The novel, Sojourn also had the honor of being the best-selling novel in New York Times. Drizzt Do’Urden, the prime character of this novel and the entire series has abandoned his concealed home in order to find out the harsh unknown secret of the surface underneath. The young and brave warrior, Drizzt starts up with a Sojourn through a world, which is just not like his own. He learned that the surface inhabitant’s recognition will come only at a heft price.

Salvatore is known well beyond the scope of this novel, Sojourn. There are many other books to his credit, which will tell you about the magnitude and creativity of the writer. If you are convinced to go through more books of the author, then the best ones from him, which you should definitely listen to are: Boundless: A Drizzt Novel and Exile.

As he is a writer known for excelling in the fantasy science fiction genre, so these books are also from the genre and comes with some great source of entertainment. Narration, just as the subject novel also plays a pivotal role here to make these above mentioned recommended books what they are today.

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