Sold to the Werewolf Audiobook

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Sold to the Werewolf

Summer Cooper once again takes us to the land of werewolf where only he is allowed to play and mankind especially the girls are just puppets for the entertainment that follow his directions and fulfill his every command even if it causes them their own life.

Jane a character with sacrificing nature is an ideal sort of character in the current era. She is too good to be true, ready to sacrifice her life for the upbringing of her little brother is excellently described in the story. The love of a sister for her baby brother is quite unique even when their own parents had left them unattended. Charlie the young and brother is the main focus of Jane’s attention for which she can do anything. The story becomes a fiction when the domestic needs force Jane to marry a person who has a gang of bikers apparently but in reality, he is a werewolf who is in search of a perfect mate which he had to find at any rate for the survival of his race. Thus both Jane and Zare have something for one another an offer which both of them cannot resist. It is not only Jane who is selling or sacrificing herself to the werewolf but the werewolf also needs are as a must-have item because she can complete the bond he has been trying for ages.

The story has irony also as Jane is not inclined towards him because of his attractive and seductive personality which is his basic weapon in order to attract the woman race. The perfect match that the werewolf finds is with the promise of the paying of medical bills of Jane’s younger brother and not because of his dashing and killing looks. Sierra Kline with her whispering tone captures the listener’s attention every time he hears the talk of the werewolf.       

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