Solo Leveling, Vol. 1

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Jinwoo Sung, another ordinary person with no skills at all wasn’t expecting anything abrupt in his life because he was an E-rank player. With such an attitude in his mind, the man was going nowhere in his life.

Empty pockets and an empty heart with no passion of any kind, Jinwoo just carried on in this fashion for many years until he was struck with luck hard. Entering the troubled dungeon was the biggest mistake that he made because quite soon he found himself abandoned by his fellows or perhaps they perished.

Having found no way out of the mess, Jinwoo decided to fight like a hero for the only precious thing which he had in his hand i.e his life. Monsters didn’t show mercy for anyone entering the dungeon but they also helped Jinwoo in emerging as a true player.

He finally reached the spot in life where he was able to understand his true skills and the destiny he never thought he had in stock. Chungong makes a weak character rise and this is the thing that fantasies the public more than anything. Don’t leave Solo Leveling, Vol. 2 (Novel) which is also narrated by Ki Hong Lee.

The second chapter is with more action and the hero continues to discover more things about himself and that’s why he looks more determined.

Determination and the hope for a better future infused extra energy in Jinwoo, at the same time now he knows that the people around him have started considering him a saviour. It’s all about leveling up in this world which is loaded with surprises.

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    Solo Leveling, Vol. 2 (Novel)


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