Some Will Not Sleep

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Some Will Not Sleep is a top class horror fiction. The novelist Adam Nevill did every bit that he could for making this novel read and sound like what a horror experience could be. The narrator David Stifel showed his brilliant experience with voice to make the audiobook even more enjoyable than the print version could ever be.

In this novel, Some Will Not Sleep, an unhuman face somewhere randomly appears at many different windows in the night time. On the hills and in a big house, angels are known to appear. A tenant of an isolated weird building becomes a huge addict of milk.

A weird goddess is worshiped by a group of home-invading class. In that scenario, the least worshipped gods still use to haunt the oldest known forests.

More weird things like cannibalism used to be practiced in the higher social class right at the end of the world. The undead saints follows in the footsteps of their prophet on their way to the Great Dead Sea.

A vengeful and confused presence somewhere occupies the properties of the first time buyers.

The nightmarish visions as mentioned above is what you will experience in this novel. All these stories here depicts the vast imagination of the author and some of the childlike terrors here are well-known to the author himself. It is a must read/ listen novel.

Adam Nevill has mainly tried his pen on horror fiction and has impressed good range of audience as his fan base keeps on increasing with every new novel that he offers to the general audience. A couple of his quality novels are No One Gets Out Alive and The Reddening.

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    The Reddening

    No One Gets Out Alive


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