Something She’s Not Telling Us

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Get hold of your nerves first before starting this one by Darcey Bell, the novel will make you go upside down in confusions. The listener on most of the spots wants the team of narrators including Carly Robins, Nancy Peterson, Pete Simonelli and Vivienne Leheny to narrate at a quicker pace so that the confusions about the scenes can be solved quickly. Charlotte a simple looking woman had a simple and ordinary life before Ruth entered in the paradise like the devil.

Charlotte the owner of a small flower shop in town that she runs with the support of her loving and caring husband thought that her life was perfect. After she was blessed with a daughter her family was more than just complete and then Rocco her brother came with a new girlfriend. Ruth the new girl in the house was peculiar to Charlotte from the first day because she was interested in her daughter Daisy more than Rocco.

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This one issue turned the two into rivals and they started to search for the hidden secrets that could help them in the fight to take over the house. Daisy’s kidnap just makes us feel awe about the future of the family especially Charlotte who is convinced that Ruth took her daughter because she wanted to possess her. Turns and twists all the way and a totally chilling story that can make your weekend just like A Simple Favor.

It would be good if you don’t skip any of the parts during listening because that haste will make waste. Sensation of the novel can only be enjoyed if it is listened carefully and completely from the first line till the last one. Member Benefit

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