Son of No One

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Josette Landry’s life is just miserable to begin with and she gets a kick from every door that she tries to enter. A job was what she was looking for and she got it alright but it was not of her taste, she was charged with the duty to capture paranormal activities on the camera. Having no other choice she joins the team and then in search of paranormal creatures the team opens the gate which was better to be left close.

Now the whole of the human race is in danger because the evil that has been unleashed on the earth needs souls. The first soul that the evil forces want is the soul of the girl who has opened the chamber i.e Josette.

Things become more unlucky for the lady but then she gets luck in the form of an eternal creature Cadegan. Though she cannot even pronounce his name in the right way but he thinks that saving Josette is his prime goal in life now. Cadegan sold his soul centuries ago for the sake of a girl and now he is attracted towards Josette with same madness.

He knows that if the evil remains successful in taking the soul this time he would have to live the rest of his life in a scary dungeon. It is not love this time that was the primary element in Bad Moon Rising and Dark Side of the Moon  rather we can say that the two characters need each other. Sherrilyn Kenyon raises the stakes much higher this time for his characters and Holter Graham induces the needed strength of voice in them.

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