Song of Redemption

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Song of Redemption is chapter three of the Sentenced to War novel series. It is a science fiction novel which is authored by J. N. Chaney and Jonathan P. Brazee. This series is completely authored by these two phenomenal writers who brought a lot in here with their individual experiences and creative thinking. If you want to explore more books from them then An Uneasy Alliance can be a very good title for you. A Broken Alliance could be the best follow-up chapter that you could try after finishing with the first recommended chapter.

The narration of the Song of Redemption book is done by Jeffrey Kafer. He has given excellent performance through the Sentenced to War novel series and this novel was equally good.

Right in the middle of the greatest battle of humanity for survival, there will be many old rivalries seen which were threatening to pull apart many allies. They were all after a rumored alien technology.

The newly equipped Sergeant Rev and the Marine Raiders with the weapons were the only ones who had any chance at handling the wobbly alliance. On the other side, the Centaurs were on their path to destruct the place of origin of human civilization. It was the mother Earth itself. The end of the entire humanity might just be upon all of us. However, it was only possible for Rev and his Marine Raiders to achieve the impossible here.

This is the book that closed up the very first story arc in the Sentenced to War novel series. You will love the experience and it is recommended to try out all the first three books of this series in order.

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