Sons of Destiny

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Right from the day when Darren got the chance to enter the vampire world he has been winning every battle. Not only his luck has remained with him but also the young boy has kept his wits to surprise his enemy on the rarest occasions. Fighting against creatures far deadlier than the vampires was never easy but to protect the world he lives in he kept fighting. Finale time has approached and Darren Shan has to face his accursed enemy, the one who has been following Darren all the time.

Steve is not something Darren has ever faced also he is committed to putting an end to Darren’s life. Darren on the other hand just cannot let him have the world that he loves so much thus the boy is ready for a fight. A troubling thing for the hero is also prophesied which is constantly giving him a headache. According to prophesy, between Darren and Steve only one would be able to survive. The next part of the prophesy looks even more threatening than the first one as according to it the one who will survive will put an end to the existing world.

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Even in initial books such as  Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare and Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant Darren has just tried to protect the world. Now if he wins he just cannot become the cause of massive destruction. It is tough times about which Ralph Lister narrates and there is a clear indication from the start that we will surely see a dead body at the end of the novel when the war ends. Member Benefit

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