Soulbound: Warhammer 40,000

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Science fiction with a historical touch is what George Mann has created in this masterpiece that he has created. The story can be termed as a thriller as well as it right from the word go has action and the characters are on the move to fulfill their assigned tasks. The mag-train is the main thing around which the whole story revolves as it possesses something that can destroy the very existence of the Raven guard.

The train possesses secrets related to that specific group and that’s why they want to stop it before it could reach its destination or want to extract the secret that lies buried in the heart of the train. The train is unstoppable as it is protected and guarded by the dark forces and evil spirits that have evil intensions against the Corax race.

It is a race against time situation because the train has already started when the story begins and the Shadow Maters are the only one that could reach this unapproachable object as they possess the skill and the power to counter the dark forces but this time the dark forces seem to be with the upper hand as they are more in number than ever before.

The story does not depict magical powers rather the use of science and technology is abundant. The words and dialogues are all full of energy and the elements of the story are all well-tailored. There are more than one narrator in the story including

Toby Longworth, Steve Conlin, Matthew Hunt, John Banks, Tim Bentinck, Emma Gregory, all of them have done a good job by describing each character appropriately.   Want to listen to more Science fiction stories you can also select A Pillar of Fire by Night: Carrera, Book 7 – Tom Kratman and The Wrong Stars – Tim Pratt to listen and spend your time while going through the interesting storyline.


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