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Will Wight is back again with full power and great confidence after the immense success and acknowledgement of his opening book of the series among his fans. This is the 2nd chapter of the Cradle series and quite promising one, especially when audience are having a lot of expectations from the author. Travis Baldree once again has given the narration of this novel with his impactful and strong voice. This as expected is a contemporary science fiction novel, which is in continuation of the prequel of this novel.

The many of the ancient ruins upsurge from the core of the earth, and in Outside Sacred Valley that attracts many of the sacred artists from far off areas in order to wrestle to find the treasure within.

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Divisions rise and fall as the combatants squabble over all the available but rare resources. Time is of essence and quite limited as well. A very powerful and influential family with links to the Blackflame Empire is on its way to make their claim over the ruins, which actually was the treasure. But, when they arrive at the place, then nobody else from the contenders of the treasure would have any sort of chance over the prize.

Lindon has managed to make his way to reach Copper, which was actually his first step on the path of power. But, on the other end, the combatants coming from the outside world are way beyond him in the chase.

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