Space Team: The Wrath of Vajazzle

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This is the second part of the series in which the hero of the team Cal was abducted by the aliens in the first part of the series Space Team. Cal was given a mission to save the alien race that was in trouble including its god and now the human is going for another mission which makes it clear that he got the job done in the first part of the series.

This time he is not given any job so he is feeling quite happy that he finally has some time out with his friends who also like to roam in space. The aliens whom the team saved were facing the terrible zombie virus in the first part and now they are safe but the creator of the virus wants to get rid of the Space Team.

The enemy knows that killing the Space Team is not easy so he hires Lady Vajazzle for the task. The assassin finds out that the team is connected to the Greyx which means that if she attacks the team then she would have to deal with that wolf like alien race later on. Phil Thron narrates once again as Cal gets into another serious trouble created by the assassin on this occasion.

Vajazzle knits a plan which can engulf not only the team and its allies but also the rest of the galaxy. Terrible times are approaching for the team and there are greater missions for them in Space Team: The Search for Splurt. Barry J. Hutchison has given fun for everyone in this series and it is a ride that no one would be able to leave incomplete.

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    Space Team

    Space Team: The Search for Splurt


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