Speed the Plow

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David Mamet is known for his multiple roles in the literary domain. He is a super talented film director, playwright, screenwriter and an author as well. He is a winner of Pulitzer Prize and also got Tony nominations for his different plays. As an author, he is critically acclaimed and definitely one for the literary book lovers.

Speed the Plow is a modern drama with a fascinating tale to mesmerize you. It is a short story that lasts for a little over one hour and it is action packed throughout. The narration of this short story is a team effort between the trio of Adam Arkin, Dina Waters and Jeff Goldblum. The narration was awesome and beautifully played all the characters involved.

He story in this book revolves around the prime character of Bobby Gould, who is a renowned producer from Hollywood. He spent all his career reaping things that others sow. Then comes a night when he is pushed to choose or to make a crucial decision. He had to choose between the art house project of a beautiful girls and a sure-fire hit of his loyal and close friend. Bobby in due time finds out that the power he has is something more elusive than it looked apparently. This thing as discovered by him during a wicked evening dominated by manipulation and seduction.

The book is excellently written and superbly narrated. Things would make you laugh right at the start of the book. Goldblum in the narrators’ list was especially appreciated for his performance. His eccentric charisma was highly appreciated along with the subtle intensity that he added. Overall, a great fun experience for book lovers.

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