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The G. Society is with super powers and these powers have come with a responsibility that the knights have to fulfill. The knights have been saving the world from the magical invaders since the day when the Power landed on the world. People of the earth consider the Grimnoir as heroes but all of this changes within a second when the president gets killed and there are clear hints that magic has been used in the crime.

Suddenly the heroes find themselves in trouble which they weren’t expecting. All of the knights become wanted by the law enforcers and they hide and start looking for the real criminal on their own. Jake Sullivan happens to be one of the knights and he has hunted many monsters with his fellow knights. This time the situation is much more serious because there is no support from the human world. Jake gets a clue which gives him the chance to go much deeper into the case.

The man finally realizes that the Power didn’t land on the planet rather it was running away from a predator and it assumed earth as a safe place. Now the predator is on the earth which means that the power has to run away once again and in the absence of the Power, the humans will be sitting ducks for the predator.

Bronson Pinchot was there in the first part too so the narrator is going along quite well with the series so far. Larry Correia created Hard Magic very well and now this second part was also a complete story. Servants of War is still waiting for you if you have finished this book so go for it.

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    Hard Magic



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