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Elsie was not very sure of her powers in the first part of the series when she was presented as the one who was not licensed to do magic. Spellbreaker painted her as a character who liked to help others who happen to be in trouble. She was blessed with the power to break magic cast upon innocent people. During her secret works, she confronted Bacchus who was thinking of catching her at first, and then he thought that she could help him in solving certain riddles.

The two worked together as a team and now in the second episode by Charlie N. Holmberg, the two are on their separate paths apparently. There happens to be an assassin who wants Elsie to join his team but the girl thinks that he is not on the right path. When Elsie rejects the proposal, she quickly finds herself in serious trouble.

The assassin and other people around him disappear and Elsie finds herself in prison because of the crimes which she has not committed. Noel Arthur and Elizabeth Knowelden narrate the twist in slow motion so that the listeners can enjoy this change. Soon Elsie finds herself with no other choice except to work with Bacchus once again who brings her out of prison.

There is serious magic going on in the land and someone has stolen hundreds of spells for something big. Elsie’s powers are growing but she must get to the core of the thing as quickly as possible. Failure means Elise and the rest of the people around her will not get one more chance for survival after this.

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    The Nine Eyes of Lucien


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