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An appealing title from a brilliant writer, Terry Mancour makes this Part 1 of the Spellmonger series a great read and as well as a great audiobook as well. The audio supremacy was possible with the brilliant voice of John Lee, who managed to convey the real essence of the characters in a very powerful way. Both the author and the narrator of this book deserves all the praise for its success and assumingly for the sequel of this book as well.

Minalan was all changed and just gave up a glorious career as a warmage in order to live a very quiet and peaceful life as a Spellmonger in Boval, a remote mountainous valley. It was a beautiful place, far from all the dangerous feudal activities. There were nature, cows and lots of cheese everywhere.

Things went quite well for a period of 6 months. He befriended one of the most influential local lords and got a little shop for himself too. A young and intelligent apprentice was also there to help him out. The best part was that he came across a young widow, who had the best eyes ever that Minalan has seen.

Then comes that scary night when Minalan was forced to pick up his weapon in order to defend his new land from the army of goblins. That was a horrifying genocidal crusade of all-time against mankind.

Enchanter and Shadowmage are the other two quite popular books from the veteran author that has the magic of the characters so beautifully played, while seamlessly connecting one exciting scene to the other. These books are worth listening too if you have ever been a fan of Terry Mancour and/ or love narrations by John Lee.

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