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Becoming a faerie and getting all the majestic powers was real fun for the young girl in the first part of the series but the demand which the new world made was tough.

Laurel just cannot leave the human world after getting those wings on her back because the world has her memories. Moreover, the world has her boyfriend in it which she cannot leave behind for the other girls in the town. David has been especially associated with her for several years and here on the verge of a strong relationship leaving everything behind is not a good idea. But again that is a pure human thought in the mind of a faerie that does not need mere humans now.

After a while, during her trip here and there in both worlds, she confronts another awesome personality of the faerie land i.e Tamani. The young attractive looking male faerie just captures her attention at the first glance and no matter how much she tries to close that chapter she just can’t. Her mind starts competition in her brain and she cannot decide whom to choose as her future husband.

Tamani seems to be the perfect match for her but deceiving her old lover is also not just in any sort of circumstances. Aprilynne Siegfried mixes feelings of confusions and romance here and there is lesser use of magical powers. Illusions and Destined will decide the fate of Laurel and her two lovers who are desperate to make a bond with her. The story also has some developing tensions which Mandy Siegfried narrates in the ending scenes of this second episode.

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