Spider Bones

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Forensic anthropologist saw death coming close to her in 206 Bones but she survived proving that she is a hard nut to crack. Same old routine now just a new body as Dr. Temperance Brennan starts a new case that appears in her area. Drowning case is being investigated by Tempe, and the first thing that is revealed is that the man died during sexual practice which means he was unaware of the surroundings.

After a lot of search the man is fully recognized but it brings Tempe to the end of her wits because the man is recognized as John Lowery the man who died in Vietnam in 1968. Question is that if the dead body is of the original John Lowery then who the one that died in Vietnam was. Another question that quickly roams Tempe’s mind is that what the man was doing in Canada.

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Tempe needs answers and she need them really quick, she lands in Hawaii for the further procedures and here she finds the two people connected close to her life. One is detective Ryan who was close to her in Death du Jour but now they don’t live together the relation between them broke long ago. The second one is Tempe’s wife who has her own sorrows to mourn on and thus is not worried about her mother’s assignments.

Meanwhile more bones are found and again the lead indicates towards John Lowery. Intense scenes are written by Kathy Reichs and we can say that Tempe at this point in the series is more of a detective rather than a lab girl. Linda Emond is becoming permanent with the series and narration is without any doubt improving with every part.

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