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All across Europe, a highly secretive organization was in full action as they started to attack diplomats. Back in USA, a foreign ally of USA asked to reveal the identity of a significant covert asset. In the balance hangs all the ingredients to trigger an all-out war.

With his mentor or the boss out of the scenario, Scot Harvath, the counterterrorism operative is expected to take on the mighty role, which he has been avoiding all through his long career. But, he finally agreed to take on the responsibility along with a few other things that he has never done before. This time, he was determined to rewrite the rule-book – all of it.

The character of Scot Harvath in Spymaster is far more cunning, deadlier and dangerous than any other chapter from The Scot Harvath Series. If you haven’t read or listened to any other novel from the novelist Brad Thor, then you might start from here to find out that how brilliant the author is.

This is the 18th chapter of The Scot Harvath Series, but each chapter in its own is a standalone one and you can start from anywhere.

If you are looking for even better chapters from the author and specifically from The Scot Harvath novel series then you can check out Code  of Conduct and Foreign Agent. These are also mystery thrillers and have everything that you want from such a genre, including storyline, characters and the performances.

The performance in the audiobook of Spymaster is done by Armand Schulz, who once again impressed a whole lot of audience with his magnificent voice that is full of expression needed for the characters.

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