Star Alliance

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Ken Lozito has a tendency of making an average man a hero who emerges when the need arises and although not blessed with super human strength the man still accomplishes the impossible. Zack Quick is such sort of a man who was once an ordinary hacker on the planet earth and now the fate of mankind rests on his shoulders. He has gone so close of even sacrificing his life for mankind in outer space and now he is in the cage of the aliens. All he wanted was to save his friends and now he finds himself in a cage. Also a silver lining is observed that in this way he gets an opportunity to go deep into the enemy’s nest and investigate what really is the agenda is.

The thing that he finds out was quite obvious, the alien race wants to get hold of the whole galaxy but how can they achieve their goal is still a mystery. The mystery was never disclosed in Star Divide and Star Shroud  and now a few things are opening or are being clarified but still much more is yet to come in this space adventure. Kaylan is now the head of the Athena leading the crew and defending the earth at the same time, all the enemy warships are on their tale now and they are without resources.

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Kayaln too is with two options she can go back for Zack or she could continue what she is doing i.e defending the planet. No change in narration, Jeff Hays carries on with the narration of the space adventure in a big way. Member Benefit

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