Star Wars: Planet of Twilight

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Barbara Hambly has so much to tell in every novel so if you are a true fan then don’t try to skip any of the portion of the Star Wars. Anthony Heald’s voice for the Jedi and the Sith is not just appropriate rather it is perfect. Book has a lot of characters that are involved in different serious missions in which they can lose their life as well if they remain careless of the surroundings. New Republic and Empire have been in war since the beginning of time and they are hell bent on destroying each other.

Nam Chorios is the planet which was once used as a prison and now this barren planet becomes the prison for princess Leia who is made hostage by an attractive warlord. So a lot is going on in the story, such as the issue of Luke who is unable to find his lost love and without whom he thinks that life is meaningless for him. All these happenings are left aside when a mysterious force emerges from another corner of the universe and it is there to dominate the rest of the living creatures in the universe.

New Republic and the Empire does not stand a chance against this force and if they want to survive then they have to work together. Working together is something which these two rivals have never thought of in the past. Being the creator of Graveyard Dust and Fever Season, so much was expected from the author and he has delivered accordingly. Story does not begin abruptly rather a firm base is set first so that the listeners can understand all the things. Because of so many characters and sub plots, there can arise some confusions if you are not focusing.

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