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Stardust is yet another novel, where Neil Gaiman himself is the writer and narrator of the novel. The novel is a highly engaging contemporary science fiction.

I tis so nice to see that the writer is excited to write some fairytales not only for the kids or teens, but also for the adults. It is also very lucky for all of us that he tells his story in his own peculiar way, where his novel has everything from adventure, romance and even murder. This is actually not the Mother Goose; this is actually a dream world full of witches, ogres, magic glass and the unicorns, which I really do not want to leave at all.

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The story is about decades past in a beautiful English countryside. There is a lovely town, which stood on a granite’s jut for as many as 600 years.  And just to the east stands, you will actually see a high wall made from stone and on that the village is named.

The name is actually town of Wall and in this place, Tristran has lost his heart completely to the immensely gorgeous Victoria Forester. It was a one chilly night of October, the saw a star falling from the sky. At this moment, Victoria assured, rather promised Tristran to marry him. But, this had a condition. The condition was that Tristran had to retrieve that fallen star from the sky and bring it back to Victoria.

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