Stark’s Command

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The first book was loaded with information associated with the war on the moon, though this series too can be termed as a military fiction but it is not like any that we have witnessed before. The previous military fictions that Jack Campbell presented were about wars between the people of the earth and other species in the universe.

Such things can be seen in The Lost Fleet: Dauntless and The Lost Fleet: Fearless but not this one that does not talk about aliens or characters like the Mage or the Mechanics. It’s about human beings made of flesh the only new thing is that they have the technology that is helping them to live on the moon now.

Ethan Stark was selected in the first part to launch a mission against those that are preparing themselves against the world’s super power i.e the US. Now he has landed on the surface of the moon and has unleashed hell on those who were enjoying the riches of the moon and were also conspiring against the land.

The dream of independence had been fulfilled finally and now the human race thinks that one super power can rule everything on the earth and the moon. True heroic figures in the form of the soldiers are painted by the author who has narrated this one as well along with Eric Michael Summerer who narrated the previous part with accuracy.

This book appears to be more realistic if compared with other books by the author still the battle in space is there which is witnessed in all the books and all their chapters and parts.

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