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The last novel by Richard Wagamese before his death surely contains one of his most appealing characters for the audience. The characters have both the qualities, in their emotions and sentiments they are lifelike but in the time of action they appear to be fictional and this is the way perhaps the writer wanted to present them so that we can get an ending of our own demand otherwise the world is where the evil usually prevail in the end.

The healing power of the land or nature is once again tested in the tale throughout as both Frank Starlight and Emmy are wounded by the cruelties of life as both of them take refuge in a farm one way or the other. Frank basically owns the farm and remains isolated from the world and Emmy after a dramatic escape from her previous life come to the farm with her daughter for a shelter.

The story has all sorts of emotions love, hate, pure passion for revenge, and an element of mercy as well. The novel basically remained incomplete because of the death of Richard Wagamese but still is a great piece of art to listen to if you want to taste reality.

The threat of the past that haunts your present and future really reaches its peak in this novel as both Emmy and Frank want to run away from their past life but it keeps on chasing them for Emmy the past is in the form of a man who is following her for the sheer purpose of revenge with no mercy at all. Wesley French no doubt has done justice with the tale in narration as his voice portrays the emotions excellently throughout the novel.         

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