Steel World

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Human race approaches the stars in this new science fiction for the first time but it does not prove fruitful for the human beings. Because of the advancement in the field of science and technology the human beings thought of sending welcoming messages to the different far of parts of the universe. Their quest to find other life forms in the universe provides them a positive result but it also brings the whole of earth to subjection as well. The people of the earth are forced to join the battle fleet and they later come to know that it was in their greater benefit as well.

The war zone needed something that only the planet earth could provide, though the other races had equipment and war weapon far superior as compared to the forces of the earth but still the lacked soldiers.

A war cannot only be won when you have the best of the soldiers which the planet earth has in plenty and is ready to offer to the highest bidder. James McGill is hired among these mercenaries when he was kicked out of all the other jobs in which he could prove very useful for the society.

As he grows in his profession his hidden powers are also revealed that he thought never existed in him. Mark Boyett narrates sensationally like the other parts Clone World and Armor World that he has narrated in a manner that they appear to be real to the eye. Narration no doubt is an essential ingredient for fictional works which need force of voice and the passion of spirit for their complete understanding.





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