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Still Me is a contemporary fiction novel with a mind blowing story. You will love every bit of it as the author has just made it well paced with immensely thought provoking characterization. It is written by Jojo Moyes who has impressed his audience with his literary craft and imagination. Still Me is the ultimate book of Me Before You Trilogy. Anna Acton has been entrusted the task of giving the narration of this novel and she definitely has done the best with her stern voice and expressive tone.

This audiobook of Jojo Moyes features her most dynamic and iconic heroine of the prior novel, Me Before You. The name is Louisa Clark.

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In this novel, the story starts with Louisa Clark arriving in New York in order to start afresh with her new life. She was quite confident that she could embrace this new and exciting adventure of her life quite gracefully. She was also determined to have her beautiful relationship with Sam alive, while both being distant for several thousand miles.

She gets into the world of super rich people and started working there for Leonard Gopnik and his very young wife, named Agnes. Louisa is focused to get the most that she could out of his experience and completely throws herself to prosper in her new job and his new life in New York. As she started to just mix in the society of New York, she meets Joshua Ryan. He is a man who brings with him something about her past life.

Jojo Moyes is a fine writer, which you could judge by going through any one of her novels. If you are interested in reading more contemporary fiction novels by the writer, then you should check out her novels that namely are: The Giver of Stars and Me Before You.




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