Stone of Tears

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Stone of tears is a book not to be missed, especially by those enthusiasts who are more into fantasy science fiction novels. This particular one is written by Terry Goodkind in his brilliant style, where his creativity and fantasizing situations is literally beyond imagination. Jim Bond this time gave his voice to the audio version of this novel. The book itself is the 2nd chapter of the Sword of Truth novel series by the author, Terry Goodkind.

In the opening chapter, Wizard’s First Rule from the Sword of Truth series, the entire world for Richard Cypher gets upside down. Richard was literally enforced to go and become the Seeker of Truth in order to protect the world from the unwanted Darken Rahl dominance, who was an extremely savage and an influential wizard ever seen on the face of earth.

In this chapter, he was joined by Kahlan on this ambitious quest. Kahlan was the only known survivor among the Confessors, who brought a resourceful justice to the place, before evil side of Rahl scourges. Zedd with his help, who earlier opposed Rahl, was able to take him into his underworld.  This helped in saving the world from becoming a living hell under Rahl. But the curtain leading to the underworld has been wavered. Things started to change drastically soon after for them and the world as well.

Blood of the Fold and Temple of the Winds are other classical novels written by Terry Goodkind. These recommended novels are chapters from the Sword of Truth fantasy novel series by the author. You wouldn’t be able to know Terry more as a writer, unless you go through these recommended books.





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    Debt of Bones

    Blood of the Fold


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