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Fictional short stories are what this book offers in the first sight but as you start giving attention to one after the other it provides a lot more than you expect. Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Richard Adams and Jeffery Deaver have given their own colors to the book as each one add a new thing in the stories. There are themes that you would feel sensational and heart touching like the story by Joe Hill about a person who turns into an evil character. The change in the personality of the man is drastic but is presented in a logical order as the circumstances were always forcing him to change track.

And sadly as he changes course and choose what he was destined to become things start working fabulously for him. Then we come to the tale of the fisherman who is in a hunt of a unique thing. There is vengeance and then there is a craze of rising up and moving ahead in life. The challenge that the character faces in different portions of the stories are different but still one thing is common i.e no one is running away from a task.

The determination is there that we can also observe in Toil & Trouble and Harriet the Spy, the element of mystery is however  not always there still the book is worth reading. The narrators are in bulk but like the writers all the narrators too have done a terrific job.

Anne Bobby, Jonathan Davis and Euan Morton especially are worth to listen to in almost all the stories in which they participated partially or wholly.






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