Storm Front

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The series gets connected with two Israeli’s this time. This is perhaps for the first time we are not seeing murder at the start. All we are told at the start is that there has been a robbery in Israel and a relic has been stolen. Virgil Flowers gets a call from a friend in Israel that an Israeli cop would be coming to him because she is chasing the thief.

The mystery can still be felt as to why the one who has stolen the relic makes his way to Minnesota. It means that he is associated with the land or possesses a connection with one of the natives and what if the area is being used for such criminal activities under Virgil’s nose.

John Sandford connects his series with the relic related to King Solomon which means that the writer would have made quite a detailed study of the relic and its link with the Holy Bible. Virgil Flowers after meeting the cop too claims it to be a big joke as he narrates a few things from the Bible.

The lady, on the other hand, shows a serious face and a stern attitude. Virgil knows after looking at her that he is in big trouble as the people who are after the scroll are no ordinary people. All the capacities and capabilities of Virgil and the cop would be tested in the mission that is Holy in nature.

It’s not something even related to the novels like Rough Country and Bad Blood because it’s not a murder mystery and this time. Also Virgil for the first time is running away from the bad guys as they are more than he ever expected. Eric Conger also provides a creepy feeling in narration to make us feel the urgency in the case.



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