Straker’s Breakers

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Straker’s breakers is the 5th chapter in the Galactic Liberation novel series. The saga and the subject chapter is a contemporary science fiction fantasy. The entire series is jointly authored by David VanDyke and B. V. Larson. They have paired up in many other successful ventures and managed to deliver bestselling novels.

A couple of their renowned novels are Demon Star and Exile. Both of these mentioned chapters are from the Star Force saga, which was quite a successful series with many exciting chapters. David VanDyke has received Hugo Award and that makes him a popular writer among his contemporaries. On the other hand, B. V. Larson has written more than 60 novels and had well over 3 million copies sold so far.

Straker’s Breakers has taken the Galactic Liberation saga to an altogether newer level with many interesting challenges faced by different planets. The audiobook of this novel has got the voice of Mark Boyett, who managed to make the entire 11-hour narration quite interesting.

It has been more than 5 years since the Hive Wars have ended. The commodore Straker has transferred the burden of managing the Earthan Republic to the civil authorities. This should be a very exciting and a happy time now. It is because Straker and the majority of his loyal army men have retired to a planet and have stepped down from the galactic stage.

Unfortunately, the authoritarian forces that are part of the Earthan Republic are seething with anger at the victory he got. Even after retirement, Straker’s breakers is seen as a threat.

Straker started again to train and plan with the fear that he might have to move again in the name of people and the freedom.

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