Stuart Little

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It is a little innocent tale for the kinds of all ages who possess a sense of adventure and like a decent figure in the adventures rather than an action figure. Heroes with fight capabilities are not recommended by psychologists nowadays because the innocent minds of the kids are badly affected.

E.B. White contributes in a big way then to present a cute little mouse that is ready to set on any adventure trip. Moreover the mouse is not rash or that sort, he is philosophical in approach and has unique ideas about life and the people he meets. Over the years the tiny little mouse has performed wonders by teaching the school for a day and then he rides on a bus alone once.

These are not big things for humans but for a two inches tall mouse it is just something out of this world. Still the young mouse is vibrant with energy and he sets forth for another mission i.e finding an old friend. Margalo was his friend years ago, she is a bird who left her house that was close to Stuart’s and now he does not know what had happened to her. She never revisited Stuart nor wrote letters to him thus he thinks that she is in trouble. The book shares the wisdom that was present in Charlotte’s Web and The Trumpet of the Swan.

Even in those books White used little creature and then made them perform big things. Julie Harris’s voice is molded for this kid stuff that was really not needed because the original was more suitable rather than this varied thing.

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    The Trumpet of the Swan


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