Such a Fun Age

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Such a Fun Age By: Kiley Reid

Strong plot in the debut novel by Kiley Reid impress the listeners all over the world. Racism and confusions attached destroys the life of a young girl who has nothing left in her life after the incident. Alix is the first one to appear on the pages of the novel and the writer paints her as a picture perfect sort. Getting whatever she desired in life the woman is surely a beacon of success for everyone around.

Not even in her professional life Alix is fine in her personal life too having a nice husband and a two year kid who is looked after by the babysitter. Emira Tucker the black girl acting as the babysitter of the two year old Briar was with the family for quite some time when out of the blue a disastrous thing happened. Emira was moving along the road near the super market with the kid when all of a sudden a guard misunderstood her presence.

The guard thought that she was abducting the child because the child was not her of course not being black in color. Alix went to the scene and solved the whole issue but the video proved to be a horror for the babysitter who lost all her aims about life that day after being humiliated in such a bad way. She even started losing grip on her aims in life, though twenty five years of age she started having health problems and serious one too.

Then the strange thing happens when Emira’s video has been reviewed by Aix and she thinks that she wants the babysitter back for one more job. No one could have narrated the novel better than Nicole Lewis as the narrator is blessed with a charming voice for such plots.

Such a Fun Age Such a Fun Age Such a Fun Age

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