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Sula is a fictional novel that earned the status of a classic book with so much powerful content that people love it even after decades of its publishing. The book was written by Toni Morrison in the 1970s. Toni was an American essayist and novelist who published her debut novel in 1970. She soon got national attention and also won multiple popular and critic awards. She was also the noble prize winner in 1993 for literature. If you want to know about some good books written by Toni then Song of Solomon and Beloved are the recommended ones.

Toni Morrison is an all-rounder and usually narrates her novels in an audio version herself. The same was the case with Sula, which was beautifully narrated by the author in her powerful voice.

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A couple of girls who grow up so that they become women and then two friends who become worse than enemies in actual. The author here tells an engaging story of Sula Peace and Nel Wright. They both first met as kids in Medallion, which is a small town in Ohio. They both had fierce enough devotion for the sake of withstanding bullies and to bear the burden of an awful secret. Al this endures after Nel Wright has grown into a strong pillar of his black community while Sula Peace at her end has become a pariah. However, their friendship ended due to an unforgivable betrayal, or does it end?

Sula is a terrifying and comical book at the same time. You will also witness tragic in this one and the content is such that it overflows with life.

Sula is a phenomenal novel and it guarantees nonstop entertainment. Toni Morrison was excellent both in the shoes of a writer and a narrator. Member Benefit

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