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Looking for a horror novel then you are in the right place. This novel will make your hair stand straight at the time of the climax. Catriona Ward has written it in such a way that no one will ever want to miss any scene. Katherine Fenton’s voice is custom made for novels like this because it has a special kind of feeling in it so with the narration of this kind, the story becomes perfect by all means. Rob happens to be the kind of girl who does not like action in her life. She likes soothing feelings that could make her feel relaxed in life.

This was something that was not provided to her when she was at the family’s ranch called Sundial. It was a place that added a certain amount of creepiness to her life and throughout her life, she wanted to get away from the place. When she got married, she thought that life has finally become perfect for her because she was out of Sundial and her husband was perfectly loving and caring.

Later she was blessed with two daughters and received all the happiness which she once desired for. When something appeared in her daughter’s room on one occasion, Rob thought that the secrets could not be kept buried for a very long time. She has to go back to Sundial and face the demons that her family buried there long ago.

The Last House on Needless Street and The Girl from Rawblood were with family secrets that decorated the story with fear and terror. This one follows approximately the same kind of pattern but it is a new world that we witness and there is no hint of the old stories in it.

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    The Last House on Needless Street

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    1 thought on “Sundial”

    1. I’ve just started listening to “Sundial” and I am hooked. This is the second book by Catriona Ward that I’ve read and thus far, I am a huge fan. Just prior to “Sundial”, I read “The Last House on Needless Street”. I must say that I very much enjoy Ms Ward’s style of writing as it gives a sense of creepy, foreboding that keeps the reader engaged and on the edge of your seat. If you like dark and twisty psychological thrillers, she’s your gal. Look out Stephen King!


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