Superman: Dawnbreaker

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Superman is the most powerful among all the D.C superheroes, not only does he possess super strength but he also has the brain to tackle his opponents. Now and then we have been told that he has a lab of his own in the deep caves of snowy mountains where he experiments and analyzes different creatures. Matt de la Pena before this wrote Ball Don’t Lie, this category of a story was different for him. Clark Kent i.e Superman came to the city for a job and a normal life which he cannot spend because of his powers which are increasing. He tries to hide his powers and his true identity but things have been becoming tough for him.

Continuing a job and saving the city cannot be done at the same time. Clark knows sooner or later his disguise will blow off and everyone will know who he truly is. But going with a low profile keeps his loved ones safe and sound. Meanwhile, during tracking, a girl who happens to be crying for help Superman confronts the secret of Smallville.

He thought he was alone on the planet and there is no one like him anywhere on the earth but he was wrong in his perceptions. Something beneath Smallville hides secrets not known to anyone. As Superman enters this specific place he confronts his past too that was not known to home before. Again Clark does not get some private time for his personal life because the world which has sheltered him is under threat of being extinct.  Andrew Eiden becomes less clear when he narrates in haste but that happens only once in the novel the rest of the thing is neatly done.

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