Supers Ex Heroes 5

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Fifth part of the series is at hand and the author Jamie Hawke along with the narration team including Justin Thomas James, Jeff Hays, Yvonne Syn and Carly Crawford don’t look tired. The team was same in Supers: Ex Heroes 3 and Supers: Ex Heroes 4 and since then the coordination is just picture perfect. The “Supers” are back in action and they are perfecting themselves at every level and fighting against the accurse enemies. The enemy has never been the same; the team has faced a number of different enemies and establishes friendship with many aliens.

The focus has remained the same though i.e saving the universe from total destruction because it is their duty now being super heroes. In this warfare the hero and his team never had the time to return home or to mother earth for a while.

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Now a mission related to earth provides the chance to meet the relatives again but it could possibly be the last if the earth is destroyed in the invasion. So in order to keep the romance of the return trip alive the ladies and the superhero must perform to their maximum and win this battle for the sake of their old relations.

It is good to see humans after a long time in the novel otherwise the hero was the sole human being in the story and he too is not that human anymore. The plot is strong this time and the planet on stake is dear to all which makes it more sentimental but again cannot be taken too much seriously because not many lives are lost. Member Benefit

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