Surviving Home

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Surviving Home, A Novel is a classic piece of literary work by A. American. It is epic in its own peculiar way, where the author especially tells a story and distance from a ‘home’ in a very emotional setting. It is part 2 of The Survivalist Series from the author. The narration of this book is once again done by Duke Fontaine, just as he has done in the opening book of this marvelous novel series.

Imagine living in this contemporary world and having absolutely no electricity, no food, no internet, no running water and no end in sight. If life for you changes in a quick second of time, so will you be prepared for it?

American in Going Home, his first novel introduced the character of Morgan Carter, who gets completely lost in wilderness some 250 miles away from his home. This was due to the total collapse of the power grid of the country. Now, he is finally reunited with his beloved wife and daughters in the second novel of the series, Going Home. Morgan was happy, but little did he knows that worst was yet to come.

Morgan has been excessively preparing himself to tackle emergency situations for quite some time, but most of his neighbors were totally unaware if life could take a drastic and a weird turn as well. Now they all are starting to get restless, while anticipating the worst to come in future. With all the help from his closest friends, Morgan fights hard to complete secure his home, but only to find out the shocking revelation related to the plight of the nation in the entire process.

The Survivalist Series or the ‘Home’ series by A. American has become very popular and that emotionally narrated the miseries of people who are striving hard to get to their homes. If you are looking to become part of A. American world, then you should check out his other two brilliant novels by the names of Going Home and Home Coming.



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