Swing Shift

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Swing Shift is a brand new novel from a brand new series. It is chapter one of a paranormal science fiction fantasy series with the same novel as of this chapter, Swing Shift.

The writer of this novel is William D. Arand and he definitely has made way for a grand series to come with several other exciting chapters on the subject genre of psychological science fiction fantasies.

It will definitely be a great idea if you want to know about more phenomenal boos from the author, William D. Arand. If that is the case with you, then you must check out Dungeon Deposed: Book 3 and Swing Shift: Book 2.

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The story in this novel starts and revolves round Gus, whose life is all full of boredom and tedium and with this he had grown up and was comfortable with. That was one, which he actually sought out after he has returned from his duty.

He was a detective working in a department of paranormal investigations. The place had that typical environment, which actually made sense for him.

It was in sharp contrast to the civilian life. Moreover, it gave him a perfect chance to hide from the outside world that what he actually is.

He was in real an apex predator, who made everyone and everything fear him in the actual paranormal world. His own very species got killed as soon as they were discovered. He is a Boogieman with s weird life for sure.

Everything is balance about this novel and so is the narration. It is done by Andrea Parsneau and she has managed to give her best with thanks to her quality tone and expression.

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