Sword of Destiny

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A fighting machine with a superior weapon is the biggest threat for the monsters even as we move further in Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher Saga in which Geralt a witcher has become an assassin after getting control over his powers and of course enhancing them after proper training with the experts in the field.

Geralt is not presented as an ordinary killer as he does not kill ordinary people from everyday life he takes the bounty of monsters with great powers and magic of their own. We can see the same kind of fights in the other parts like The Last Wish and Blood of Elves of the same series. The Witcher takes assignments and fulfills them, that is his way of earning and sole purpose of life as well.

However, this time he needs the perfect weapon for the job as well and the sword of destiny proves to be the only tool that he desires. The whole series is wonderfully told another important thing about the stories is that though the fighting scenes are the same the hero is always with a different motive and he not only fights against the monsters but against prejudice as well which is tough to handle on most occasions.

The Witcher is also companionless as the writer has not provided him with any sort of assistance in the form of a male or female friend, he does not possess a love life and there is no hint of the family which shows that the writer has intentionally presented him as a loner. Peter Kenny narrates well and the demand for the action scenes is nicely fulfilled by the narrator as we can feel the aggregation in the tone and pitch which makes it fun to hear.  




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The Witcher Saga:

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    The Last Wish

    Season of Storms


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