Sword Song

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History of England told in an entirely new way by Bernard Cornwell makes the formation of England more appealing. We see the battles and the conspiracies from the eyes of the one who is raised by the Vikings but by birth he had blue blood in his veins.

Uhtred first wanted to serve the Vikings and showed his hate towards the English King in The Last Kingdom and The Pale Horseman but later he joins the ancestors in their fight for their land. The opening of the fourth book informs us about the truce between the King and the Vikings and though the truce is not liked by the two parties but still they are left with no other option.

The Vikings known for their treachery still are planning something bad for the English Empire, their ships gathering for the final combat and though there is no war alert but smell of war is in the air. Each one of the party this time thinks that the other might take the first step so that the blame would be on him who has broken the truce.

Thus the do or die situation emerges more and more as Uhtred is once again called for the task of his life the one that will finally decide the true side of the man. Uhtred is finally focused on taking the step that would tell us that whether he is truly a Viking or a British at the core of his heart.

Jonathan KeebleĀ  narrates this part with the energy of a warrior and we really get the feeling that we are in the battle field watching the titans fight the battle of a lifetime.





Lords of the North

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