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Syren is a beautiful fantastical adventure for kids between the ages of 8 and 10. Preteens and even the teens could have good time going through this novel. It is superbly written by Angie Sage, who is well aware about the demands and expectations of the younger audience. Darke: Septimus Heap, Book Six and Magyk are other beautiful books by Angie Sage written for the kids.

The book is part 5 of the popular Septimus Heap novel series, where one after the other, author has come up with some really brilliant novels for the preteens. Gerard Doyle is equally responsible for the success of this novel and in fact the whole series, where his immaculate voice and stern voice quality really made it a special experience for the kids.

Septimus in this novel ends up over an immensely beautiful island. This island is one of the 7 set in a glittering sea. Septimus is helpless and stranded there on the island with his terribly injured dragon, Beetle, Spit Fyre and Jenna. There are some immensely weird things known about this island and that includes Syrah, the Magykal girl as well.

The island also had a lighthouse that resembles with the shape of a cat and that has lost its light completely and then the presence of an eerie, which sings to Septimus. Will he be able to manage to escape that persistent call? Trouble is also coming for Wolf Boy and Lucy, who have now become entangled with a few despicable sailors at the sea.

Moreover, trouble was also brewing for Jenna’s dad, Milo Banda, who is actually harboring a very mysterious treasure box in his ship.


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    Darke: Septimus Heap


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