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The River Audiobook

The River By Gary Paulsen

The River By Gary Paulsen This is the sequel to Hatchet and in this novel, Brian is back in the wild and is in a new location joined by Derek Holtzer. He is a psychologist who is working with a government program that teaches people about survival in situations similar to …

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Brian’s Winter Audiobook

Brian's Winter by Gary Paulsen

Brian’s Winter By  It is another novel by Gary Paulsen that is a result of the fan letters sent to Mr. Paulsen after they have read Hatchet and The River. The novel is written in such a way that Brian is not found by rescuers even if 34 days have passed, …

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Brian’s Return Audiobook

Brian’s Return by Gary Paulsen

Brian’s Return by Gary Paulsen At the beginning of the story, Brian has ventured to spend time and explore the wilderness once more. His plan is to be only himself, but made a promise to work on school work that he can use to test when he returns to the city. …

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Brian’s Hunt Audiobook

Brian’s Hunt by Gary Paulsen

Brian’s Hunt by Gary Paulsen Brian is back in the wilderness to look for Susan Smallhorn, but she is no longer in the camp. While he is by the lake, he sees a moose and chooses not to kill it because he cannot finish all of its meat. When night time …

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