Take a Chance on Me

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Most people find love and relations in their life while on the go. However, not everyone is that kind of lucky person. There are some like Patrick Cooper who cannot express their love at the right time because of this they have remained far behind in their life. Beth Moran has described many characters over the years in  Because You Loved Me and Let It Snow who struggled in their love life and Cooper is one of them.

Cooper has a crush on Bridget who happens to be his best friend but so far he hasn’t been able to tell her. There are certain reasons which he has in mind and the result of those reasons is just one thing i.e he is still single in his life. Bridget’s elder sister Emma is also facing the same problem.

Emma is the one who has been making cakes for couples for a long time but she hasn’t been able to find the right man for herself. Her mother thinks that Emma has put herself in the corner intentionally and if she tries she can find her the best man. Emma’s sisters are all married and they are having a very good life of their own.

Emma too decides to take part in a compatibility project to get married at the first glance. Although it was a risk she decides to take it so that she can fulfill the dreams of her mother. Rosalind Steele is the narrator for this novel and Steele is not the kind of narrator who keeps focus on a single character rather complete attention is given to every character.

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