Take a Thief

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Mercedes Lackey slips from the main story line and comes to a character that is for long left alone the one that got quite fame in Arrows of the Queen. Stories about wars in Valdemar continued but the fans never forgot about Skif which everyone though needed more attention from the author. Skif known as the thief never wanted to be one but then what could a person do if he is starving and the only one to guide or help him is a thief.

Deke just a common thief fed the little lad and taught him the trick of trade. After a hard toil at the mere age of twelve Skif was the most skilled pickpocket of the band, he could just smell the money out of any pocket or purse. As the little lad grew up his desires also increased and he believed that his talent could provide him anything of his liking. In those days he never thought that someone was also keeping an eye on him and that was not for an arrest but for a use.

As a major trophy for himself Skif selected a beautiful horse but that horse proved to be bait that he took very easily. He was needed for further sinister plans and running away was not an option left for the poor burglar. For the first time in his life his talent would make him win the most important thing i.e life and if he fails he would lose that precious thing because of his own fault. There is some fun in it for Paul Woodson to narrate this time along with action.

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