Tales from the Hood

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Conspiracy on the rise from Everafters and this one is like a courtroom drama by Michael Buckley, the sisters are defending the Bad Wolf in the court. There was a time when Mr. Canis was a Bad Wolf now he is just a wolf and not bad at all. Apparently the court wants to punish the world because of the crimes that he has committed in the past.

But that is not the real agenda of the Queen of Hearts who wants to see the end of the Sisters Grimm. The Queen of Hearts has always seen the two sisters as a hurdle in her dark desires and this might be the right time to get rid of them forever.

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Battle for survival for the sisters too because Ferryport is everything to them now there is nothing for them if they are drawn out of the place which their ancestors have been protecting for centuries. One chief element coming to the scene of this series is mystery but it is not of serious kind.

The mystery and the climax scenes look less serious not because of the story but because of the characters that are with innocent faces. Daphne and Sabrina were ready for a kill in The Problem Child but the situation was not like that which could terrify a child listening to the story at night.

The legendary L.J. Ganser is unchanged for the last five books and here too the consistent performer has done it again narrating the book after keeping in mind all the kids that have become fans now. Everafters has finally revealed itself fully and the evil has come out of the hiding and has shown its true colors now.





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