Talon of the Silver Hawk

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Novel depicts the birth of a new hero and perhaps the one with most tragic background ever given by Raymond E. Feist. Kieli becomes a hero on the day when everything is taken away from him forever and the only goal he is given by the gods is to avenge. Orosini tribe had an old tradition according to which every teenage boy was given a chance to attain his manhood and his warrior name. For this sole purpose the young boys were sent to an isolated place where through vision they were told about everything by the gods.

Things didn’t go according to the pattern when Kieli’s time came for the vision. For days the boy waited for the gods to appear in the vision but it didn’t happen at all. Then one day as he woke up he saw a hawk sign on his skin and then there was nothing. When he returned to his village war had already started and with aimless mind he entered the war zone. Each and every member of the village was killed except him and then he realized for what he was chosen for. He was chosen to avenge as he was the talon of the silver hawk.

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The narrator of Shards of a Broken Crown and Krondor: The Betrayal Peter Joyce comes back for another one and it brings back many old memories for the fans.  Kieli’s initial story is sad but we hope that the author would provide him some relations in future. That might help him in his quest and fight against the enemies; also it will fill the emptiness in his life.

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