Tamer: King of Dinosaurs, Book 4

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Michael-Scott Earle’s famous series “Tamer” brings more energy in this book four of the series where Victor Shelby is threatened by another danger, the most devastating he has ever faced because it is not something related to the land it is something that has fallen from the sky and thus could destroy everything he loves and likes to possess. The tamer enjoys everything that is present on the land he has the power to tame women and secondly he has control over the dinosaurs.

The beautiful alien women are not only his subjects but they are also the warriors that help him to make his rule stronger by defeating one tribe and then the other. The enemy that falls from the sky wants to take his women one after the other not for the worldly pleasures or dominance over the female race but for the purpose of taking control over the world that is full of dinosaurs and women. Victor for the first time finds himself not prepared for any such thing and feels himself out of ideas. The book has some similarity with the Amazonian women and the new thing is the dinosaur addition.

The story is all about possession and trying to prove your supremacy over the other. The idea is unique but the motives are not much deep routed or new as it is the will of man right from the beginning of the world to dominate and tame women as much as he can. Luke Daniels has played a good role in narration by his voice that has a nice springiness in it which is not pinching if you listen to it for a long time.

They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper – Bruce Robinson and Ascension: Ascension, Book 6 – Ken Lozito may also be enjoyed after this story for more exciting and thrilling events and characters.     




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