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Anne Frasier told us all about the two detectives in the series during the first part. Reni and Daniel are connected to each other in many ways. It was Reni’s psychologically ill father who was caught by Daniel in the first part of the series. Daniel was also sure that it was Reni’s father who killed his mother a long time ago. That case has been resolved now so the matter is a thing of the past now.

Reni and Daniel are very close and they are planning to establish a relationship between them permanently. These days when the two were in need of free time, they get a tough case to handle. A guide gets killed near a forest and the three hikers who were with him are nowhere to be seen. The case becomes really messy when a girl uploads an entire video linked to the case on the internet.

That girl also becomes untraceable which confused Reni and Daniel even more. During the investigation, the two detectives find one of the missing hikers on the road in a strange condition. When the man is arrested, Reni starts looking for other clues which bring some terrible things to the surface.

Reni and Daniel start wishing that they might not have gone in for so much detail because the details could easily destroy their personal life. If anyone can create such a story then it surely is the one who wrote The Body Counter and The Body Counter. Don’t underestimate the narration too because Erin Bennett is superb in his work. The details tend to get creepy at certain points so keep full attention on the progress of the story.

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